Roundtable Sessions - June 20, 2013

Roundtable discussion opportunities will be offered the last morning of the Conference during the buffet breakfast period. These informal sessions allow for discussions among a small group.  Selected topics will be presented in two back-to-back 30-minute sessions, beginning with a short oral presentation followed by discussion and feedback. 

Roundtables offer unique opportunities for learning and professional exchange, are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, and promote engaging in-depth discussions.

 5210 Healthy Steps Program

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
Hemal Mehta, San Mateo Medical Center
5210 Healthy Steps program was developed in assistance with National Initiative Children's Health Care Quality and HRSA through a grant. It focuses on common transectoral messaging, assessment and care plan for healthy lifestyle.

A Big Gulp To Kids Health

Basic and Applied Research
Shannan Young, Dairy Council of Califronia
It's no secret that kids have more beverage options than ever. Join us for a two-decade beverage choice retrospective, courtesy of NHANES, and a lively discussion on meeting kids taste preferences and current nutrition needs.

 A Youth Centered Approach to Improving Wellness at Hollywood High

School, After School and Summer Programs and Policies
Ryan Woodson, TSFC/Kaiser Permanente
Lynn James, Penn State Extension
Identify and discuss best practices for engaging high school youth in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies that expand access to healthy eating and active living opportunities within and beyond the school setting.

Advocacy for Women Only Community Swimming Programs

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Amina Sheik Mohamed, United Women of East African and UC San Diego
Ten East African youth conducted a Photovoice needs assessment in Fall 2011 and identified a need for more physical activity opportunities for East African women and girls. In particular, there was a need for women only swimming programs.

Building a Healthy Relationship with Restaurants and Food Vendors

Food Systems
Robin Godfrey, First 5 Ventura County
F5VC's restaurant certification project is loved by politicians, the media and parents. Yet it's challenged by lack of compliance and practical tensions. Does improving restaurant menus work? Let's share our stories and practices.

Childhood Obesity Prevention or Social Equity/Policy  - What's the issue?

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Darrin Anderson, New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids / NJ YMCA
Childhood obesity prevention through environment/policy change has transitioned into a dicussion about social equity/advocacy. Is childhood obesity prevention the issue or creating equitable healthy communities though social responsiblity?

Clinic-Based Approaches to Childhood Obesity

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
Heather Readhead, Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health
What are clinics doing to address the obesity epidemic? Are they working with CBOs? How are they implementing the 2007 Guidelines "Expert Committee Recs on the Assessment, Prevention & Treatment of Child/Adolescent Overweight/Obesity?

Community Leadership Development

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Genoveva Islas-Hooker, CCROPP
Building community leadership is vital to building healthy communities. This round table will host a discussion about successful programs and opportunities to build a movement for change.

Community Mobilization for Physical Activity in a Low-Income Community

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Sonia J. Vega, San Bernardino County Dept. of Public Health-Nutrition Program
A group of motivated parents desired to get into shape.They requested a local leader to assist them. After several meetings with advocates, parents received training and secured a location in the community to host PA classes for 10 years.

Complete Streets!

Built Environment, Land Use and Transportation
Patrick Hollister, PartnerSHIP 4 Health
Complete Streets are streets designed and built to accomodate all users, both motorized and non-motorized. Communities all across the United States are adopting Complete Streets policies. Learn how you can help in your own community!

Engaging Companies in Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
Allison Kwan, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Participating in health and wellness programs has shown to reduce healthcare costs. However, companies are still hesitant to engage citing cost concerns. This roundtable will explore barriers to engagement and offer potential strategies.

Engaging Families in Year Long Wellness Program

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Peggy Norman, Mary Bridge Children's Hospital
Increasing opportunities for families to engage in healthy behaviors and activities (outside of set monthly groups) with each other and in their communities using " health bingo”, “host post” and gift card incentives.

Establishing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Habits in Preschool

Early Childhood Education
Rebecca Keigan, Colorado State University
From Research to Practice: Establishing healthy habits to help preschoolers overcome picky eating and develop gross motor skills with a little help from The Food Friends.

Health Professional Advocacy Around Food Systems Change

Food Systems
David Wallinga, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Obesity reflect unhealthy food systems, from farms to forks. Improving consumer access to healthy food will be ineffective unless farmer access improves to incentives to grow healthy food, sustainably.

Healthy Kids from Day 1 Pilot Initiative

Early Childhood Education
Shane Valentine, Healthy Kids from Day 1/LIFT-Levantate
To conduct a mini-focus group to gather feedback on a pilot initiative based on emerging best practices in Marin County for obesity prevention in the child care setting. Founding partners include First 5 Marin, HEAL-HHS & Whole Foods Market.

Local Produce in the School Environment

Food Systems
Thaddeus Barsotti, Farmer and CSA CEO
Terri Spezzano, University of California Cooperative Extension
John Young, Agricultural Commissioner, Yolo County
Leaders in new and established programs that provide fresh produce to schools talk about challenges and opportunities about engaging schools and government in working with local farms for school lunch, school farmers markets and farm to school programs.

MCAH Funded Programs-A Time to Share

Built Environment, Land Use and Transportation
Suzanne Haydu, CDPH-MCAH Division
For MCAH programs (Local health jurisdiction allocations, CPSP, BIH, AFLP, RPPC, etc)- a time to share and promote your obesity prevention interventions and lessons learned in an intimate setting. Recent MCAH resources will be shared.

Multi-Agency Community Collaboration Can Reduce Childhood Obesity

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Mitchell Kushner, Long Beach Department of Health
Involved with HEAC and HEAL Zone grants in communities impacted with significant childhood obesity. Success in reducing childhood obesity rates was a positive outcome, with patience and time.

Operation Fit Kids: Inspiring Youth Fitness and Physical Activity

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Natalie Muth, American Council on Exercise
An overview of evidence-based best practices in inspiring youth physical activity and existing successful programs will be presented, followed by a discussion of next steps on a local and national level to empower active youth.

Organizational Healthy Beverage/Wellness Policy

Basic and Applied Research
Susan Karlins, Santa Clara County Public Health Department
Let's share our challenges and successes with organizational wellness (healthy beverage, food, and physical activity) policies to create a healthier environment in our communities.

Parents Have the Power to Limit TV and be a Healthy Family

Early Childhood Education
Mary Jane Kiefer, WIC
Discussion: Impact of TV marketing and screen time on young children. Demonstration of a social marketing and education campaign "Parents Have the Power to Limit TV" Bring your ideas to share on Limiting TV and Building Family Fun/Health

Promoting Health Instead of Size (HAES) in Children

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
Kathy Kater,
Messaging re: “size prevention” advance a “right size/wrong size” paradigm, adding to weight-stigma and body dissatisfaction in kids, predicting poorer eating, diminished health and weight gain. HAES is a more effective, do-no-harm approach.

Providing Training to Promote Physical Activity in Child Care Settings

Early Childhood Education
Diane Craft, Active Play Books
Network with others responsible for helping early childhood educators/child care providers increase young children's physical activity while in child care settings. Share approaches for providing training and promoting family involvement.

School Based Obesity Interventions

School, After School and Summer Programs and Policies
Tia Henderson, Upstream Public Health
This roundtable would be used to discuss commonalities in multi-component interventions occurring at schools (e.g farm to school, nutrition education with gardens). I'd like to learn from others in the variety of approaches out there.

Special Issues in Foster Care

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
John Springer, Shasta County HHSA - Children's Services
Kids often come into foster care with nutrition-related health issues. Adverse childhood experiences and removal from their homes create emotional issues. Explore how we are addressing the problem in Shasta Co. Your ideas are welcome.

Successes and Challenges of Kids Weight Management Program

Health Care Approaches to Prevention
Linda Fleischman, Care1st Health Plan
Care1st has been implementing a weight managment program for 7-11 year olds since 2005. The program has undergone numerous changes. We would present the evolution of the program with its lessons learned and discuss challenges.

Sustaining Healthful Changes in Schools

School, After School and Summer Programs and Policies
April Jurisich, Healthy Shasta
How to encourage school community to embrace healthy school culture. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences.

Tools and Technologies for Childhood Obesity Surveillance and Control

Basic and Applied Research
Arun Datta, National University
Working with the Community Health Organizations, my team is developing hardware/software tools and technologies as health-IT solutions to address multiple challenges for management of childhood obesity. After a demo, discussions will be focused on relevant technologies that have been developed and deployed for the partner organizations.

Understanding Food Choice through Nature, Culture, and Community

Basic and Applied Research
Melody Steeples and Rebecca Tryon, CAN-Act
We know people need access to affordable, healthy foods. But is that the whole story? Should public health nutrition interventions also address the neurobiological, social, and commercial influences on food choice?

Weight Bias in Preschool Obesity Prevention Program

Early Childhood Education
Lisa Coker, University of Nevada- Cooperative Extension
Anne Lindsay, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
All 4 Kids is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based program developed for preschoolers and their families targeting obesity prevention. Further discussions are needed that focus on self-acceptance and body image (instead of weight) to relate these concepts to targeted messages.

Wellness Committees: Making The Grade

School, After School and Summer Programs and Policies
David Saunders, American Cancer Society
A discussion of how effective wellness committees can impact short and long term health of children as well as impact academic success.

What Role Can Local Food Hubs Play in Preventing Childhood Obesity

Food Systems
Susan Algert, University of California Cooperative Extension
Developing a local food hub in a community can make an impact where fresh produce intake is limited, of poor quality, and/or of low cultural relevance as well as in areas where health conditions such as diabetes and obesity are present.

Youth Engagement: Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend

Community Nutrition and Physical Activity
Megan Yarbrough, Rescue Social Change Group
Youth activists are critical to the success of obesity prevention. Learn about youth engagement firsthand from two of Virginia's youth leaders & ask them your questions about involving youth in your own advocacy initiatives.